Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What!? A seizure?

Yes so the other day I started noticing Andrew was doing some out of the norm movements. As I further investigated and thanks to his Mimi, I suspected they were seizures. So after a call to the doctor and a week later, we are here in the hospital for a 24 hour evaluation to monitor and evaluate for any seizure activity. They have hooked Andrew up to a EEG machine and he has leads all over his head, he looks very silly, so the can check his brain waves when it happens. Well it happened thankfully while we were here and they came in and were able to catch it. The nurses have not come back to tell us all the details but please be keeping the little messy monkey in your prayers! As far as what the future holds we are not sure but we know who holds it!


Vanessa said...

We love you guys and are praying for yall!

Cary said...

We're all thinking of you all and little Andrew and sending our most positive thoughts in your direction! Love you!

Rich said...

Our thoughts are with you guys.