Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mad skills

This is one of Baby Drew's best buddies Jadyn. Jadyn came over for a play date but Andrew thought it was a real date! Here is what they were saying:

"Hey Jadyn, my mom says I am cute, what do you think?" Jadyn is more interested in the camera.

"Jadyn, do you mind if I put my hand here?" Again Jadyn is not to impressed, so he keeps trying.

"See Jadyn, he won't hurt you." "Jax sit!" "Good boy!"

It was after seeing Andrew's mad skills that Jadyn now wanted a piece of Andrew!

P>S> Notice the tie-die! We made these cute onesie's when we where in CT. Thanks to all the friends and family who helped!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Today I received the sweetest surprise, a care package from my best friend Amanda!
Inside were a couple great books, a journal, a devotional, a cool tote bag and to top it all off a gift card to Starbucks. I am so excited to start reading them and can't wait to have some quite time at Starbucks digging in Gods word. Thanks Amanda!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun

Yesterday Andrew had his very first swim lesson. Thanks to Shannon he is now not afraid of the water as he once was. As you can see he was not a happy camper if any water got splashed on him. But after being dunked a couple times he actually got used to it. It's such fun when we all get together,
cant wait till the next swim party!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Trash or Treasure

I love that old saying that goes, "One persons trash is another persons treasure." My mom and I went and hit up some garage sales this past weekend and I actually found some great buys. I don't think I will ever pay FULL price for toys or baby clothes again. We found all these toys and some clothes (not all pictured) for under $20. Andrew outgrows his clothes so fast that most of them he only wears a couple times, it is ridiculous. I think you can get way better deals at garage sales than at resale shops too. The down side is some days you can find a ton but then other days nothing. So if you ever want to go to a garage sale , let me know I'd love to see what treasures we can find.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cherry Pickin

Also here are some cute pics of Andrew's first time pickin cherries in CT. We had a blast with Grandma! We had a blast with grandma and grandpa Chadwick for 4th of July! Cant wait to see them again soon!

Quilt Give Away

Some of you know I am wanting to learn how to sew. Well there are so many awesome Blogs out there that have some great ideas and some really cool quilts. I have found a lady that is giving away a BEAUTIFUL quilt here is how she describes it:
the front is made with the incredibly fabulous fabric from designer Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller fabrics. The fabric comes from Sandi's first fabric collection called Ginger Blossom which is bright, fresh but a little bit vintage-y feeling.
But you will have to go to her web site and see the wonderful pictures she took and vote for me so maybe I could win......hint hint! Thanks! Here is the site: old red barn
Please go and check it out!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Friends and Family

OK we are finally back from all the many wonderful vacations we have been on. Drew has been to Florida twice, CT twice, and Utah! All in the seven months he has been alive. It is such a blessing having a husband who works for the airlines. Well some of you know we had a garage sale last weekend and it was a great success. If it were up to my husband we would have sold every item in the house, but with much persuasion we still have some furniture. The reason for the garage sale..... we are praying about moving to Atlanta. HUGE bummer!!!! We have so many great friends and family here that it is such a hard decision, but I think one we must do. Please keep us in your prayers as we wait on the LORD for His direction!

Just to let you know Andrew has been rolling all over and now is starting to do the army crawl!! I cant believe how fast he is growing!