Monday, July 21, 2008

Trash or Treasure

I love that old saying that goes, "One persons trash is another persons treasure." My mom and I went and hit up some garage sales this past weekend and I actually found some great buys. I don't think I will ever pay FULL price for toys or baby clothes again. We found all these toys and some clothes (not all pictured) for under $20. Andrew outgrows his clothes so fast that most of them he only wears a couple times, it is ridiculous. I think you can get way better deals at garage sales than at resale shops too. The down side is some days you can find a ton but then other days nothing. So if you ever want to go to a garage sale , let me know I'd love to see what treasures we can find.


Jason & Vanessa said...

I love getting stuff at a good price... Like at Mandy's garage sale... :)


Have you tried Craiglist yet??? If you think you are getting a good deal at consignment shops then you will LOVE the bargains online. - then search your local area- they have anything from bags of baby clothes to livestock. happy bargain hunting!!!

Dana said...

I couldn't agree more. Garage sales rock!