Monday, July 28, 2008


Today I received the sweetest surprise, a care package from my best friend Amanda!
Inside were a couple great books, a journal, a devotional, a cool tote bag and to top it all off a gift card to Starbucks. I am so excited to start reading them and can't wait to have some quite time at Starbucks digging in Gods word. Thanks Amanda!


Jason & Vanessa said...

nice! that "Cross Centered Life" book is really really good. The ministry that put that book out even did a CD based on it which is really good as well, called "Songs For the Cross Centered Life" from Sovereign Grace Ministries, which you can listen to here:

Jay and Shannon said...

i'm jealous.....
haha j/k what i mean to say is how cool is that! what a good friend and one who knows you well to send you starbucks! :)
how neat to receive a surprise in the mail! can you pass my address on to amanda? ha j/k!! :)

p.s. i like your blogs.