Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Moved!

It's official! We have sold the house and have moved to Connecticut! Curt made the LONG drive with his Dad this week and they named themselves, "Nick" and "Chip!" Which despite the name, everything made it in one piece. (Our guest bed frame flew out of the truck but that was on the road after we unloaded it!)

We will be moving into the house Curt grew up in! How neat is that! What's even better is, in the next couple months my sister-in-law and her husband will be building on the lot next door, so they will be our neighbors! I'll try to post some pics soon of the house. But I lost my camera today when we took Andrew and Aubrey to see Thomas (more on that later).

On a side note Aubrey turns 4 months in a couple days! I can't believe it! She is such a happy baby, loves to smile at everyone! Andrew is a great big brother!