Monday, October 20, 2008


Yesterday I went to Michaels Craft Store for one thing and of course came out with a lot more than I expected.
I recently saw on another Blog a sign that a mom did for her baby with his name. I have been looking for the last year for something like this and was encouraged, thinking I too could just do it myself. So here is how it turned out:

I am thinking of putting it here:

Also on a side note: the one thing I went in for I forgot to get!


The Sappington's said...

too cute! and how funny that you forgot what you went in for! :) hate it when that happens! :)
i like your creativity though

Kirsten said...

Creative as always! LOVE IT! May have you make one for Colby when you have a free minute! :) And I like the location that you hung it in his room. Way to go!