Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Wow! Three years ago we were in the hospital not knowing what was ahead of us! The LORD has brought us so far since then! Andrew has been doing great! He still receives Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. We are seeing a lot of progress with the Botox treatments too. He still does not have much use of "righty", but he has become more aware of it and uses it to assist "lefty".
Andrew also started Preschool today and loved it! It was snowing so I hope to have some pictures when he goes again on Friday.

I love you buddy! You are growing so fast! I pray that the greatest gift we can give you is Christ! Happy Birthday!


The Sappington's said...

I started crying out of nowhere when I saw your blog! I can't believe you guys are so many states away on Andrew's birthday! I can't believe he's 3! What a handsome, fun-loving little guy he is! He is so special to our family and most definitely to his buddy, Jadyn! We miss you guys like crazy. Happy Birthday to our favorite Andrew in the whole world! We love you!!! May the Lord continue to use you and your story to reach others, and may He continue to grow you and use you mightily for His kingdom, little guy. You are loved very very much!

Love Never Fails.

Cary and James said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!! We are so glad we were able to be at your birthday party this year - the first one ever for us! We love you!!

hugs and kisses,
auntie snibs and uncle jimmy