Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mi Casa Su Casa

It has been three months since we left our friends and family back in Texas (writing this is bringing tears to my eyes thinking of you all!) Aubrey has grown so fast these couple months, she is rolling over , scooting all over the place, and almost sitting on her own. Andrew has given up his paci (which was probably harder on me than it was for him), talking all the time now, and sleeping in a big boy bed. Potty training is next on our list! Curt is hard at work comutting back and forth from here to D.C., enjoying the challenges that being a Caption brings! I am still able to stay home with the kids, for now. Raising a child with special needs is a job all of it's own. I am so blessed to be settling in here in our "new" house. Our family has been so helpful and they have blessed us in so many ways! Nothing is more important than family and friends! We are still looking for a church in the area. With Curt working weekends it has made it a challange. But I am reminded of God's beauty every time I look out my window and see the rolling hills, the fireflys, the flowers and the faces of my children. It is through times like these that remind me to just be still and see Him at work in our lives. I am also reminded that it is nothing of my own doing that has me where I am, it is all Him and Him alone!

You can check out photos of the last couple months here


Jason & Vanessa said...

Girl I miss you so much! Sometimes it's easier not to talk then to talk and feel the pain of missing you guys but that's dumb so I will be calling you soon! I love you guys so much and I'm so excited to see what the Lord has planned for y'all. We will be praying y'all get plugged into a Church soon!
Love ya,

The Sappington's said...

Hey Mandy!
Yeah...you blogged! I have to laugh that there was a "2" on Curt's cake! :) It's great to hear you guys are doing so well and to get updates and how big the kids are doing! Yeah for no more pacie for Andrew! And for his big boy bed! :) I would love to see video of Aubs rolling and scooting and of Andrew talking! :) Jadyn still asks to go to Andrew's, and everytime I read this one book to her and get to this one page, she ALWAYS says "Dat's Andrew, and dat's Curt!" I'm not the only one missing her buddy around here. :(

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Still coming in August????

I love you and miss you terribly...