Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Constraint Induced Therapy (CIP)

Next Tuesday we go for our first appoint to get Andrew casted with a bivalve cast. It means that it will go on his good arm and we can take it off at the end of the day. I am a little nervous and excited all at the same time. I know he is going to HATE it and am not looking forward to it but I know it will help him greatly to use "Righty". So any advice you who have already done this have for us is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! (You can see how tight and fisted he is in these pics)


Amanda said...

He may not hate it as much as you think he will!

Leah just got fully casted yesterday. She is doing great with it so far! I thought she was going to HATE getting the cast put on, but she was awesome! We put in a video and gave her the choice between her pacifier and a juice box and she was great! The issue with the bi-valve is they put it on, wait for it to dry and then cut it off right away! A lot for a little one in that moment!

She has been telling me "all done" because she wants the cast off, but I hope over the next couple days she gets used to it!! We cast fully for a week, then remove and re-cast right now for a total of three weeks.

Leah also has had a bi-valved cast and I found that I wasn't putting it on as much as I should, because lets face it, it's so much easier without it on! We will bi-valve this cast when we are done fully casting!

Good luck!!! I'll be following to see how you guys do!

Popcorn House said...

Sammy was fully casted for six weeks, we got the cast off two weeks ago. It was a great experience for us. I was really impressed with the results that we saw for him. After they took off the cast, they made us a bivalve cast, which like Amanda is not working great for us. He knows it comes off, and I am not good with crying. But if you start right away making him keep it on no matter what it should help. After six weeks, I was tired of all the work that was required so wasn't as consistent as I could of been. I totally want to cast again in the fall hopefully for six weeks again. I think it is so worth it.

Good luck with the casting, I can't wait to hear how it goes!