Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movie Time


Andrew blowing kisses!


pediatricstroke said...

So cute!

Hey I started an additional blog to raise more awareness about pediatric stroke and survivors. Stop by and email me at

I would love for you to share Andrew's story on it!

pediatricstroke said...

It is Erin by the way!

amanda said...

He is the sweetest! Can you make a longer video???? :-) Love you!

Popcorn House said...

Hi, just wanted to answer your questions about the physiatrist. Our family doctor and therapist recommended we see him. He is the one that scheduled the MRI and things to see why we were seeing the weakness. He is the one that helps with Samuel's rehab/therapy care. Orthotics, now CIT therapy etc. He has been super helpful and a great support. I would highly recommend seeing one if you can.

Good luck on your move. I am adding your blog to my google reader!

Amanda said...