Friday, January 16, 2009

Business 2009

We have started 2009 in the traditional Chadwick manner.... BUSY! It never seems to slow down around here. Between three or four Dr. appointments a week for Andrew, Dr. appointments for Curt and I, working on the house and spending time together as a family things are a little crazy!

Andrew went in Yesterday for his one year check-up and all went well besides the fact he has a double ear infection. Andrew has been doing very well with his therapy. We are trying hard to have our own OT session and make him use "Righty." He also tolerates his brace really well. He still struggles with crawling and walking but loves using his walker to practice. We have not gotten any new signs out of him, still only Bye-Bye and "all done." He is pointing to things he wants and were are working on "please" but still no luck.

Curt has been home all week which has been a huge help cause I have been battling a sinus infection and now found out today I blew my ear drum! Talk about major pain! Who knew blowing your nose could cause such a serious injury!

We are still praying for direction and wisdom in the move to Atlanta. Curt and I know that God is BIG and has called us to the Inner City there. Curt is such an encouragement to me in that he wants to be bold for Christ! I got him a new bible for our anniversary and he has been so excited to study the word, even till 4 o'clock in the morning. I love my husband!

Here a couple of cute videos hope you enjoy!


Marina Doriani said...

Hi Mandy!
Hope you'll get better soon! I've bruised my arm and leg after falling on the ice in front of our house. Andrew looks so happy! He is so blessed to have you as parents!

amanda said...

I love that sweet face! I just want to eat him! You and Curt are wonderful parents to him. Keep perserving in the Lord! Don't give up because He has more blessings for our obedience than we could ever imagine!God will give you the strength through His word and He will also give you so much LOVE through His word! Psalm 18:1 "I love you, O LORD, my strength." Love you guys so much and praying for you! Give Andrew a kiss from me!

therextras said...

He sure has beautiful blue eyes! Hope his ears are healed by now.

The Murphy's said...

The Coolest Andrew I know!