Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crawling and Pulling Up

Andrew is finally pulling himself up on things. The first time he pulled up was when I went into his room and he was standing in the crib. I love walking in and seeing him do this:

Next it was standing at the table he plays at.

Now it is pulling up to the couch to usually touch the computer or to get the remote. Sorry about the background noise :-) (I love my husband!!!!! He makes me laugh!)

These are big milestones for us cause we really don't know what he is going to be able to do or not to do.

Then today he started to get on his knees and actually crawl. He still tends to do the belly crawl but he is trying to crawl so I am super excited. I can't believe he is about to turn ONE!!!! We are so thankful for all that the Lord is doing and will continue to do! He is still having sezuires so please continue to keep him in your prayers! Thanks so much!!!!

Also in the last couple days he has started dancing when he hears music, I will try to get it on video soon.


Jason and Vanessa said...

haha, favorite part of that video is when Curt says "Where's my pants?"

oh that gave me a good laugh that i needed.

Soli Deo Gloria!

jason d.

MARIN said...

hurray! we will have to "baby proof" for c-mas time! we cant wait to see you three!

The Sappington's said...

awww! he is such an amazing little man! i love this dude!


Amanda said...


I want to encourage you to not think about what he "won't" be able to do! The amazing thing about our kiddos is that they will do just about everything a typical child will do! They will--Andrew will! I know it's hard to see, but when you see older hemi-kids doing these things, it's so encouraging!

That's fantastic news that he is pulling up! When Leah started to pull up, it was the most exciting to go get her in her crib! I'm certain cruising is not far off for Andrew!

Keep up the good work! You are doing great! If you every need to talk--you know where to find me!